UU ArtLab | KunstLab

Hosted by the Department of History and Art History and embedded in the Faculty of Humanities, the Utrecht ArtLab | KunstLab is a space at for cross-disciplinary experiments, bi-directionally connecting university research and teaching to society. The ArtLab is currently hosting the projects at the bottom of this page. Contact Marjolijn Bol (m.a.h.bol@uu.nl) if you’d like to collaborate!

  1. Research
The ArtLab facilitates creative experimentation in research across and beyond the boundaries of Utrecht University’s faculties, along with its partner universities Wageningen and Eindhoven.

The ArtLab is a space for:

  • Experimental research from the perspective of making and materials (see e.g., Geheugen van Geur).
  • Fundamental collaboration beyond disciplines at Utrecht University: humanities, natural sciences, and the social sciences.
  •  Research workshops.
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration in the context of Utrecht University’s four strategic themes.
  1. Education

Hands-on experience and performative method are valuable teaching tools in the physical sciences, social sciences and humanities. This type of teaching reaches beyond disciplines, and the ArtLab is therefore the perfect space for setting up cross-disciplinary educational projects. 

The ArtLab is a space for:

  1. Society

The ArtLab aims to bring UU’s research closer to society through the organisation of workshops and other public-facing events.

ArtLab is a space for:

  •  Activities aimed at reaching out and collaborating with the wider public.
  • Collaboration between university researchers and professionals (from makers and de. signers to artists and inventors).
  • Citizen Science (See e.g., LIMES).

At the moment the ArtLab is home to the following research projects:

Constructing the Limes: Employing citizen science to understand borders and border systems from the Roman period until today (LIMES)

Dynamics of the Durable: A History of Making Things Last in the Visual and Decorative Arts (DURARE)

Technique in the Arts (Artechne)

Material ColLABoratory Project, Utrecht Young Academy (See Making Carbon workshop series)