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DURARE Project (Marjolijn Bol, Jan van Daal, Grace Kim-Butler, Henrike Scholten, and Clara Mikkelides de Chiaro) and Giacomo Montanari, Elements of surprise: a hands-on exploration of textile mordants’, DURARE blogpost.


Marjolijn Bol, “Imitating Crackles: Material Mimesis in Stones and Textiles”,  in Ownership of Knowledge: Beyond Intellecutal Property. Edited by Marius Buning, Annapurna Mamidipudi, and Dagmar Schäfer. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, in press: https://doi.org/10.7551/mitpress/14648.003.0011


Jan van Daal, ‘Anticipation, Breakage, Care: An ABC of Damage in Medieval Art Technology’, Proceedings of the 9th ICOM-CC Art Technological Source Working Group Interim Meeting.


Jan van Daal, ‘On Mordants of Splendor’, DURARE blogpost.